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Our Vision & Goal


Provides QUALITY healthcare supplies at affordable prices. To satisfy our clients needs & their expectations.  To make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet. To create, innovate and produce excellence through a philosophy of uncompromising dedication at every level of function.


Mzellerah Supplies Limited invests to generate and look for new products supplier worldwide that help medical professionals in Tanzania to provide quality patient care with maximum cost-efficiency. It creates the world that all of us can share happiness, supplying eco-friendly product and energy.

Mzellerah Supplies Limited Believe we can alter our lives by altering our attitude of mind. In our organization we know change is difficult but we do not overestimate the importance of what we have and we do not undervalue the significance of what we may gain by giving up something. That is why we always strive to make a difference in the surgical trading market in the Tanzania. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."We works on motivating people with our actions, inspiring them to dream, learn, do and become more. We establish the vision for the future and set the plan for getting there.

We strive to be leaders in our field in Tanzania, facilitating human and science development to all who need it." Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish. Nothing is as easy stating words! What is difficult is; living it day after day.

Experience and capital would be nothing toa business as innovation is! Having, creating and following up with ideas, is what pushes Mzellerah Supplies Limited forward. We have not doubt in our commitment to delivering the best, sustainable quality of service to our customers. We are all in our own way with commitment, innovation, productivity and motivation in our sectors of work, help to deliver a better market, a better economy, and a better future.

They say there us no substitute for hand work. It is the daily grind of this hard work that has produced many a polished gem at Lifeline Surgical trading. We cherish and salute the diligence all our employees who have literaly given their sweat and tears to see the company starts.


Our Objective is long-term relationship with our customers, business partners, and employees. Provide a profitable return to the Company & continuous well-being of our staff.


Our service professionals are committed to providing excellent support to our clients by providing personalized services to each client with maximum care and attention. As our highly qualified Sales team will make sure  you well and satisfied serviced.

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P.O.Box 10384, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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